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Neomeister awm June 20, 2024
"Amazing find! Great place for a nice lunch, immediate service, and really friendly people. Thank you, Ryan, for your help!"
isaac palomino May 26, 2024
"For tourists seeking a unique dining experience, I heartily recommend Poke Rok. The chef states that every component is fresh, which I verified after eating the sushi burrito. Chicken salad bowls are also a delicacy because the poultry is still warm from the kitchen. The room atmosphere is pleasant, and the workers are friendly and helpful. If I could, I would come here every weekend. The menu's pricing is justified by the quality of the meal."
Shane from Dizzle D Productions (Shane) April 23, 2024
"Always a good lunch in South Lake"
Sandy K April 2, 2024
"Delicious poke bowls and Lion King roll. We loved the yum yum sauce which was a spicy sauce but not too spicy. Kids also liked the macarons. Overall a wonderful place for food"
Jim Brock March 22, 2024
"Delicious even if expensive. Worth it."
Diego Villagrana February 8, 2024
"I had a sushi burrito and it was phenomenal! We also loved that they had a vegan options. We will be back!"