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Marvin Rincon November 24, 2021
"Amazing poké"
Kate Stephenson November 24, 2021
"We come here at least once a month. One burrito roll is filling and delicious, but we always get a little extra bowl to eat as a late snack."
Owen November 17, 2021
"Great food, service, and friendly staff. Leo, Jen and Zack were great!"
Sydney Noel November 13, 2021
"I work right around the corner to this place and it is a top spot to go on my lunch break. The food is made quickly and in front of you. The staff is friendly and knows all about dietary requirements and is helpful picking sauces and toppings for you. Lots of vegan options and everything is so fresh. They also specify gluten free options as well. Leo made my food last and was very friendly. To locals and tourists: this place "roks!""
Jennifer Yacca November 9, 2021
"Great customer and wonderful food!"
Roeene Tyler November 9, 2021
"This is the closest to real Poke I've had here on the mainland. Leo is the owner and is super helpful in picking out the perfect bowl and it's very reasonably priced. Definitely gonna make this a regular spot when visiting Tahoe, can't wait to go back again!"